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Conquer wings.io (wingsio) the sky has always been considered the lot of elected lucky ones. But today you can enter into their number and enjoy the amazing air adventures. Ahead you have the ability to fly above the clouds, perform aerobatics and fight other air aces. From now on, you are a pilot of a real military fighter capable of developing supersonic speed. It’s exciting and very difficult. After all, you are not the only one to whom such flights are available and the machines of your enemies are not inferior to your aircraft, and in some ways they can exceed it.
How to play?
Your opponents are real people coming to the wings io game from different regions and even countries. The task is one for all to destroy all your enemies and save your plane and life. Concentrate on this, the slightest mistake will be used by your enemies. Do not substitute your car for other people’s shots and attack vigorously and prudently. You can replenish your stocks by catching loads dropping on parachutes. In addition to weapons there will be various bonuses. Hurry to grab them first enemies will not yawn. Improve the skill of the pilot and show that the title of an air professional you deserved. Win!