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Another unique novelty from the IO series is presented to us today by unique inventors. The Wilds.io game has become a wonderful and interesting continuation of the popular applications of Agario and Slazario. Believe me, it will tighten you with the watch’s head for two. Followers of this toy can fight with many competitors and rivals who are in different parts of the planet Earth. After you download the application, you will see the flag of your country, so try to pay 100% to defend the honor of your state and not to hit your face in the mud, but to meet in a deadly battle with all the opponents and fight to victory! Are you ready to perform feats? Then we invite you to the Medieval Kingdom at a time when ancient knights existed on earth. You have to fight hundreds of brave and courageous warriors like you, but the fight will show which of you is stronger, so you must show maximum skill, dexterity, cunning and maneuverability. When you find yourself on the battlefield of the wilds io game screen, a lot of fighters with different skin and torso sizes will be spinning around you, they have to fight against life and death. Use the weapon that will be available at this time.

Try to be as careful and agile as possible, avoid direct enemy hits, but try to take advantage and attack first quickly and lightning, attacking the enemy and combining the dash with a power strike. Discourage the opponent, so that the attack caught him off guard and then you will have a considerable advantage. Design a universal strategy for combat, and enemy knights will be defeated in two counts. Each defeated warrior will cost fifteen percent of his total weight and weight. Believe me, this is a significant number, because you can earn a huge number of points. Be especially cautious, because the meeting with the stop enemy – the bear – awaits you ahead. This big man will not spare you if you find yourself on the road, so beware of his huge paws and sharp claws. On the battlefield of the screen you will meet a lot of weapons stock and bonus stuff. Try to master all the innovations that will come across, it’s in your interests. Use the skills and skills to win a win-win to get out of the wildsio game with a complete and perfect victory!