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At a time when the Earth was experiencing devastation and was practically destroyed, Vanar.io game people were colonized in space and for centuries were settled in the unknown expanses of the galaxy. And all this is a new game Vanar io. Here again there was a war! Many hopes are placed on you, as the owner of an interplanetary ship with a large stock of ammunition and a decent armored capacity.
Immerse yourself in the hellish conditions for survival, based on your combat experience and tactical basis. In addition to enemies will still have to fight off asteroids, which on the map is darkness! But nothing, thanks to a powerful attacking module of problems will be less, except for one – you are already hunting, besides, it will always last. Competitors are more than enough and everyone wants to show their strength and identify their own “I”.
The founders of the project Agario worked a lot on the game and implemented many ideas, filled with only the best conditions, which can affect the gameplay. Here, for example “chip” or “golden vein” survival simulator, these are battles between flying spheres, located in a huge location, competing among themselves, who will move up and who will crash. And yes, it all seems stereotyped when you start playing Vanar.io online in full screen, but in all of the flash drives you can find a convenient control that does not depend on the mouse? Another important aspect is the way the character moves, the standard WASD and the space (shooting) will make the movement simple.
Availability and free option to get a lot of fun, do not miss this chance!