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Temple Run Unblocked


Temple Run Unblocked
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In the Temple Run Unblocked game you will meet a treasure hunter. He is wandering around the world in search of ancient artifacts and ancient treasures, and recently, he was hit by a time-worn card, painted on parchment. It indicates where to find the famous tomb, according to records in ancient books, there are hidden untold wealth, buried with a little-known ruler. The hero was delighted with luck and went, following the signs on the map. The tomb was found and the hunter penetrated into the interior, but accidentally touched the hidden lever, lifting the chest, and the walls began to crumble, and the huge crypt quickly began to go underground. You have to forget about the treasures and take your feet while you are whole. From the tomb leads the only way to a safe place, it is on it that you will spend the unlucky tomb robber. The road will soon turn into dust, you need to run quickly, avoiding dangerous areas, jumping over rocks and squeezing into narrow apertures. To move around in the Tomb runner game, use the arrow keys or the ones that are drawn at the bottom of the screen. As you progress, try to collect precious stones, although the hero will receive some benefit from his dangerous enterprise if he manages to be saved. Try to race as far as possible to get more points and unlock new symbols. Playing Tomb runner, you will need a quick reaction to the constantly changing situation and dexterity in overcoming obstacles. Do not miss the turns, on a narrow stone path it is easy to stumble and fall down, and the flight will take a long time. Play on tablets, mobile phones and smartphones, if you are on the road and you do not have time to sit at home at the computer. Visit the site and enjoy the adventures online without hanging and unpleasant disintegration into pixels.

Instructions and game management
Jump and glide with your arrow keys.