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You are again waiting for the great Tankr.io battles, deadly battles, risky marshbrokes and insane skirmishes from heavy Tankrio guns. The battles are gathered by players from the remotest corners of our planet. Many of them have already thoroughly pumped their own tanks. And you have to start with a very modest fighting machine and minimal capabilities. But it does not put a good player to quickly rise in the ranking and get the coolest car and weapons. Take your Tankr io to the line of fire and show everyone what you really are!
How to play?
Choose the nearest server and look at what card you were thrown by fate. This is always an accident and depends on the availability of seats. Occasion and color of the machine. But you can choose the team yourself. While you did not have time to improve the tank, you will have to use cover – any seen walls. Collect all the points of any color noted – this will help to increase the tank and bring points. Gradually you will acquire more powerful weapons and increase the range of fire. Trying to ram the enemy tank will always end up losing your car. Do not miss a single opportunity to pump the tank, you also want to be the first among the best players!