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Often routine and play Survived.io (Survivedio) monotony bothers to a teeth grinding and then everyone thinks out to itself ways of abstraction from a routine and greyness. Our characters: a policeman, a farmer, a sports girl and a medic in the game Survived.io resolutely approached the question and went to an abandoned island to go through the mission of survival. Choose a hero and help him win the match. You will roam the desert area between trees, collecting first-aid kits, wooden bars and other useful items. Watch the indicators on the left in the bottom corner so that they do not fall to the critical mark. You will be armed and not for intimidation, but for the destruction of rivals.
The game Survived.io combined the maincraft and the best traditions of multiplayer toys. Use the WASD keys to move, 1 to 5 for switching, the aiming mouse, the left button for shooting, the right one to aim, the space to jump, and E to open the crafting menu.