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A new interpretation of a Slyther type toy recently appeared on the net. Have you tried Supersnake.io game playing? If not, now you will have such an opportunity, and completely free. Finding the same application is difficult, so we found Super snake io. It is interesting here because the game takes place in an open area, and your enemies are not only animals very similar to snakes, but also people that they are controlled. There is a multi-user mode, so you will not be bored. Rivalry will not let you relax and let the situation down on the brakes. You have to be stubborn, and only then will your snake be the main one on this site.

Game levels are located on the green lawn. Of course, it’s virtual, but it’s quite cozy there, though, if you do not take into account a large number of competitors who will easily eat you if they can get close. Be smarter, do not let anyone close to you, except when there is a need to eat yourself. Attacked, bit, grown up. A simple sequence that even a child will perform. This game is designed for different users.

Otherwise, the “Super snake io” is also quite accessible. For example, about food. If you look around, you will notice colorful glittering balls. They have special qualities. Some give an impenetrable shield, temporarily guarding against attacks, others speed up what must be used to attack major rivals.