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The famous Snakes3Dio game opened a free path for its numerous followers. And today the category .io can offer its fans a lot of fascinating variations of the super-popular game Snakes3D.io. Each of them has its own changes and innovations, but the main thing is carefully preserved they are all fascinating and can easily “devour” all your free time. Meet a modest little snake your future character. In the game, it was decided to retreat from the usual simplicity by using the numerous effects of 3D graphics. This made it more realistic than usual. Instead of pixel primitive worms real snakes. A card with squares and squares replaces realistic locations with beautiful grass, stones and other obstacles and shelters.
How to play?
Your character needs to find a lot of food. Only this way you can grow a large snake. But the main rule is to avoid colliding your pet’s head with the body of other snakes. This will finish off your character. Movement requires energy consumption, which means mass. If it is not constantly fed, it will decrease. Accelerate, twist other snakes and quickly eat your frozen victim.