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The world of games “Pie.Ai” again offers to open for you free entrance! Tired of shooting and fighting? Tired of endless races and fights? Then enter this universe of sweets and just eat! You will be surrounded by a variety and very mouth-watering sweets. There is everything you can find along the way. But hurry up! You are not alone and competitors are constantly spinning around. Beware of them!
How to play?
The PieAi game is not difficult to manage everything is done only with the mouse. Start the Pie Ai game with an appetite demonstration eat the whole pies. But in the jam it is better not to climb it will end bad for your character. To restore the energy spent on food will have to go down into the pits. Reducing energy is very dangerous rivals will try to devour you. Therefore, quickly restore losses. The stock of life is limited, watch out for their replenishment. Attacking the enemy or getting into a dead end also take lives. Do not miss bonuses all these hammers, coins, keys and other items can be used for different purposes. You may be tempted to put a bomb, you must run away to the side, otherwise you will die. Calculate all the options for the actions of the nearest enemies. Rise in the ranking and become the best player!