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Already in the NiceFart.io game will not get bored, since the character who needs to be controlled will cheer anyone up. I’ll have to play for a real ass, making sounds like a bunch. This must be done to drive away all those who dared to approach a sufficiently close distance. For a variety of developers have entered into a choice of different skins, in order to somehow distinguish their ass from the rest. Choose your favorite appearance, eat well and go ahead to find opponents, prove to them that you are a superperdun!
How to play?
The goal of the NiceFart.io gameplay is similar to that of other io games, it is the need to grow, as quickly as possible, ahead of rivals. To accelerate the growth will need beans, which are scattered over the field abound, the main thing is to absorb them without stopping. Not surprisingly, the developers chose this particular product, because it is very high in calories, but the consequences from it will not take long to come. You can also eat beans, peas, and as a bonus, a hot pepper or an asterisk that causes a real hurricane in your stomach, which will be followed by an explosion that all enemies around will simply burn. In the beginning, of course, be careful not to break into the crowd of rivals, first of all make an emphasis on eating a variety of food, grow in volumes, and then take revenge on everyone who gets in the way.