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If you are a fan of the Moomoio game, you already had time to shoot and fight, hunt worms and even eat pies. And now it’s time to become a farmer. Your character is just beginning to explore the new terrain and to his own prosperous farm is still far away. But with your help, the success of a beginner farmer is guaranteed!
Moomo.io How to play?
Players are placed on several separate maps, where it is necessary to collect all available resources. At the first stage you have a minimum of tools, but the fact that you can already get a valuable stone, cut down the forest and get some food. The higher the level of the player, the more opportunities are opened. In addition to improvements, try to buy weapons faster. It is necessary not only to work, but also to fight with competitors. Gradually build up your manor and future village. Build windmill generators. But they must be protected from strangers. Before building, save resources and do not move away from your land far away grabbing someone else’s property here is the usual thing. Pay attention to the construction of protective structures and install special blocks the enemies will try to get into you and rob. Earn points and gradually develop your farm.