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In this Manormonster.io game, under no circumstances should one lose vigilance, otherwise horrible consequences will follow, you simply will smash monsters and people with the help of universal technology into splinters of a strange kind. In addition, you must be careful, looking at your feet, because one wrong move, then immediately erupt into a mine. In no game is there such a huge number of explosions, from which will ring in your ears for a long time. Try to hold out longer, surviving from various misfortunes, pump yourself and leave more destruction behind you than your enemies.
How to play?
The goal of the Manormonsterio gameplay is to improve your own character, becoming stronger each time. To defeat other monsters, destroy buildings without leaving a brick from them, do not miss the opportunity to get rid of competitors, inflicting crushing blows. Look not only on the sides, but also up, because from the sky periodically fall boxes with bonuses, increasing your strength. You can run into tanks controlled by people whose task is to protect the city, but instead they travel along the roads, destroying the city buildings, to eliminate the monsters and organize another massacre among themselves. Monsters have unique abilities, so to predict who will win is difficult, it all depends on the player’s skills. The more a character is pumped, the harder it is to win a battle. Choose which side you will play, with each promotion, access to new monsters and tools opens. The movement is answered by the keys WASD, LMC – shooting, PKM – unique ability.