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Play Kugel.io game is another great multiplayer shooter from the popular series .io games. Move with your gaming alter ego around the playing area, collect different weapons, and kill other players from around the world. Will you make it to the top spot in the top players list? Great, easy-to-use and well-crafted online 3D game where you have to beat all your opponents. It will not be easy at all. Stand up to them, but avoid the possible killing of the enemy. It’s not easy at all, so put it in and try to get used to the game at first. Put it all in, and try to get enough points in the players’ ladder. The best thing to do, however, is when you register to play in order to collect the score.

Kugel.io Game controls: movement – A and D, jump – spacebar, aiming and shooting – mouse, weapon change – mouse wheel, firing rope – right mouse button