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This multiplayer Kazap.io (Kazapio) game will allow you to ride on your own spaceship, plowing through the galactic expanses. Try to grow faster, because the damage depends directly on the scale of the spaceship. Start hunting for other players, shoot them with lasers, in parallel collecting balls, appearing from scratch or after the destruction of enemies. If you are ready for a space battle, then boldly engage in a fight and prove who is the conqueror of the star space!
How to play?
The task is to grow to an impressive size, so that opponents are afraid to attack, but you would crush anyone into an easy one! The more balls you collect, the faster increase in volume, with each time the force of impact only increases, however, while the rate of fire decreases and the ship takes a longer turn. As soon as you reach the size of 60, you will become noticeable on the mini-map to other players, so make sure you have enough skills to fire. Remember, even the smallest spaceship is capable of inflicting heavy damage, which will take you above it. The map has borders marked with laser beams, which can easily destroy your own spaceship, be careful not to touch any of the partitions.