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The play Goons.io game another novelty in the world of multiplayer and toys. Despite some similarity with Pikes.io, other methods of fighting and unique weapons are used here. Play with amusing samurai, who go to the arena of battle with his own sword, ax or club. The type of weapons depends on the skin selected at the beginning. The main task is to kill everyone and remain the only warrior on the map. It is not easy to do this because there are plenty of opponents on the playing field.
In addition to real players on the surface, moving drops come in and out, which can not only knock you out of balance, but also cause deadly damage. To win, cut to the right and left, let only the formless blots remain from the enemies, and your rating grows in front of your eyes. The Goonsio game an excellent multiplayer with interesting characters, which will allow you to relax and break off.
Control: left mouse click or spacebar kick, right or W key for a dash.