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Fidget Spinner.io


Fidget Spinner.io
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Remarkable Fidget Spinnerio game play in which the value is solely the size of the spinner, and the speed of rotation is unimportant. The larger your size, the more bold you can attack rivals. On the right there is a leader table in which you can easily find your place. Beware of balls with spikes! They cut the big spinners into a multitude of parts. In a divided state, another large spinner can absorb you.
How to play?
In the case of this Fidget Spinner io game, only size is important, and the primary task is to increase it. When the Fidget Spinner.io game is just beginning, the size of the spinner is small, and you are a “delicacy” for competitors. If wat attacks a more serious opponent, divide into several parts. So it will be easier for you to survive! The smaller part can always be sacrificed.
A large spinner can easily be destroyed by a virus that will split a large competitor into many innocuous parts. Beware of balls with spikes! They can not do any harm to small spinners, and large ones are crushed to pieces. In the game only size is important, and speed in so far as.
Try to make your spinner as much as possible! See your place in the leaderboard! In case of a successful Fidget Spinner io game, you will very soon be in the champions.