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The main task in play Dotz.io game is to get as high as possible. To do this, you need to eat colored dots and other players. The chip here is that in the confrontation with others, it’s not your level, but your physical size that matters most. Who is visually greater, he will win. But when typing a new level, the size is reset to a minimum. And the acceleration, which the players own, is given once per level. This means that after use it will be filled only with a new level.
But the Dotzio game to get the level is worth the candle. The more you have a level, the more you get the potential for growth, which is marked by a dotted line. In this way, you can compute and chase high-level players to knock them off Top. To win in Dotz io, you need to use your accelerator booster competently and be able to choose the moment to move to a new level. Bots, which in the game dozens, do not particularly pursue anyone, but other players do not even mind eating their rivals as soon as they have moved to a new evolutionary level.

The character moves behind the cursor
Click to accelerate