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Dog Fight 2


Dog Fight 2
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During World War I, many stunning aviation battles took place in which heroically fought a lot of war pilots on both sides. The popular Dogfight 2 perception allows you to take part in the many battles that took place during this global war, which shook up all the values ​​humanity had ever recognized. Your task will be in this incredibly engaging game, which is also characterized by a very good gameplay, seducing numerous aerial battles with powerful planes that will want to send you uncompromisingly to the ground. The only effective defense is the attack in such a precarious situation, so you can not hesitate for a second and endlessly embark on a fierce fight. Thanks to the already mentioned fabulous maneuverability, you will be able to show the most cranky maneuvers in the sky to help you crush enemy squadrons. But if you do not succeed, and the firing of your opponent’s aircraft will interfere with you, count on the more difficult the maneuverability of your celestial oar. Dogfight 2 is an excellent flash game that attracts not only all aviation and warfare lovers, but also players who enjoy good gameplay.

Flight arrows, spacebar and Ctrl fire bombs to ground targets.