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The play Catsvsdogs.io game is a novelty in the world of io. We translate the name as Cats against dogs, which already causes a smile and anticipation of hot battles. Here there are not only all elements of ioshny multiplayer, but also original development. At the very beginning, you can choose a skin, that dog or kotyary, with which you plan to enter the arena. By default, the most common images of heroes are available, but if you recommend this game to your friends social networks, you will get access to more amusing characters.
The main task is to seize the territories with your team. You can do this by assigning control points. Eating food, which is scattered on the playing field, build up mass, and you can easily overcome your rivals and push them away. Here there is a possibility of pumping its fighter. Earn money and spend it on upgrades and restoring health. You can create your own bombs and use a very unusual weapon. It’s fun and fun to play. The Catsvsdogsio game is much more complicated than its predecessors, but it’s much more interesting.
Control: WASD – movement, left click – attack, right – acceleration and turd, spacebar – throw bomb, E – multiplication or store.