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Perhaps you managed to play in “Agar.io” and are not indifferent to cars and other equipment. Cararena.io game then you will definitely appreciate our novelty, built on the combination of the one and the other. Unlike conventional races, you can afford to knock down all those who are on your way and rush forward without looking back at the crushed victims. This is one of the ways of pumping and the opportunity to get a new experience. Good luck to you rides!
How to play?
In the Cararenaio game there is always an element of randomness you can not choose at the desire arena of future races, you will be thrown at any by the will of the computer and the case. Increasing the technical characteristics and level of the machine depends on the number of pedestrians you have knocked down. Start your first race on a modest car. If you act correctly, you will soon get a sports car. The next car will be “First Aid”, after it you can change to a pickup truck. Then comes the rise to a small truck, and in time a heavy wagon with a trunk tractor. As soon as you get a bigger car, immediately start hunting rivals on small cars, quickly increasing your level. Remember that a collision with a red building will take life away from your car. Accelerate leave for serious cases.