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Brute.io amazing Boxing graphics and maps like in Worms 3D. So far it’s only been released in the beta version of the Bruteio game, but it’s already possible to chop it. The authors made an option to leave their e-mail so that, as soon as the update is available, you immediately learned about it. Be sure to wait for the Brute io game to load. In the first run it can take 3-5 minutes, but the expectation is worth it.
The gaming challenge is to become the most Bruteio amigos, that is, the coolest, biggest and strongest. For this you need to be ready to fight that there are forces. In the menu there is a Russian language, we recommend that you turn it on right away. And in the game only the language of force and strong strikes. When fighting with the enemy, he and your head can see two strips: red health and yellow knockdown. When the yellow reaches the limit, then you go “to rest” for a while, than immediately take advantage of rivals and get you. Therefore, when you see that your yellow strip is close to filling, it is worth retreat, catch your breath and again fight! Health can be replenished balls dropped from rivals. It’s weight and health at the same time. And for the murder of an opponent, they give prize money to thousands of points and this is the basis for pumping and growth in Brute.
Move – WASD
Beat – click the mouse
Hold a click is a strong blow