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BattleBoat.io game a combat ship is available, which you must learn to manage skillfully, BattleBoatsio otherwise you will not be able to achieve significant results in the career of the captain. Bump the ship, becoming each time a more serious opponent for other players. But do not lose vigilance, because there is a chance to come across automatic guns, capable of shooting even the most fortified ship. The graphics are pretty colorful, the figures are made qualitatively and stylishly, which will appeal to all players.
How to play?
To harm opponents, you need to mine their base, and for this you will need a water mine floating near your own base. Paving the mine track will succeed by typing 50 boxes with the corresponding symbol. You can find these explosive objects in the center of the map, where the cursor points, but it’s not easy to get to them, because first you have to destroy the cannons with the help of lasers. Swim to the firing gun at the shot distance, then click with the mouse, activating the firing. Try to carry out this operation quickly and dexterously, since a new gun appears on the site of the broken gun after a while. Laser installations are strong in attack, in addition they are not destroyed, but you can avoid damage from them, simply bypassing the shelling.
Collect boxes with medicines, replenishing health, and boxes with experience will allow to accelerate the process of increasing the levels.
WASD – ship movement, click – attack, Space or Space – start mines, Q / E – choose the installation of an exploding projectile.