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It took literally several weeks before the moment when this simulator Agarfunny game gained a crazy popularity among a large number of users. It is very simple, but despite this, it is so fascinating that it is quite difficult to come off. The point is to fight for survival like an ordinary bacterium. You need to do this in a primitive way to eat your own kind. It is not the strongest who win here, the more cunning. Agree that in such a simulator is not hampered by the support of a friend. This is the advantage of this program. Here you can control the bacteria with a friend.

When your participation in this simulator becomes a group Agar.funny game, then you become the owner of a heap of advantages over the other participants. You can experience different tactics of winning, knowing that some of the cells on the field will definitely support you and help you. If during the Agar funny game you needed to split up, and you lost weight, then your friends will always help and feed you. Diversion maneuvers are also best performed by a group of bacteria than alone. And besides, it’s much more fun to manage a bacterium with friends than alone. So collect the team and go!