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Here Agarboom game you have the opportunity to visit the skin of a bacterium that lives amongst your own kind. You can participate in the simulator with rivals from different countries. At the very beginning, on the computer screen you will see yourself as a small point. You will need to eat the rest of the cells that will move next to you. If you do not eat your rival, he will do it with you, and then it will be over.

Management in Petri Dish Agar boom io is very easy. It’s enough just to point the mouse at your enemy, whom you would like to devour. Sometimes you have to perform the division of your bacteria. To do this, you need to press the spacebar, and after that you can point the cursor at an enemy bacterium, and shoot it. Be sure to remember that the more your bacterium weighs, the slower your speed will be in the field. To prevent this from happening in agar, do not forget to share occasionally.

You can shoot with the same gap, after which you can increase the mass of your bacteria. To connect, just click on the center of the circle with the mouse. The W key will help you feed the bacteria. As for viruses, they are divided into two parts and fly in the direction that you indicate to them with the cursor. That’s how you can win.