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This is a two-dimensional mass Agario (Agar.io) game in which a huge number of people can simultaneously participate. Your hero is a circle that you control with the mouse and keyboard. Moving around the playing field, you eat nutritious granules and colored balls of other gamers. That is, you become bigger and bigger by destroying others.
In fact, your color circle is a bacterium that lives in the world of microorganisms. It was “Agar.io” that became the “progenitor” for the later game “Slizario”, and it is not surprising that the subjects and goals in them are very similar. The manifestation of interest in other bacteria is a sure sign that you have reached a certain maturity in the game, and it’s time for you to move from the granules to the bacteria of other players.
It is interesting that “Agar io” was originally a browser game, and was very positively received by the community of players. Later, the creators of the game announced that they would make its technical even more advanced, but this version of the game will not be available in browsers.
So, everything starts with useful microparticles-granules, and after it grows into eating bacteria of other players. Start with half the balls of yours, because they are simply easier to destroy. However, smaller bacteria are more maneuverable than larger and heavier ones, which are more difficult to escape from you, but which are more difficult to destroy when you approach each other directly. If bacteria do not want to get close to you, shoot at smaller ones with small particles, this will attract the attention of potential rivals, and you can destroy them when they approach you. There are subtleties known exclusively to experienced gamers: if you are attacked at times by a larger bacterium, you can safely hide behind green bacteria with small spikes. If the situation is too critical, press five times on the letter W, and then you can shoot the enemy. Or there is another trick: if the enemy is too close, and he is very large, press the spacebar to divide the bacterium into 2 parts. And while the giant will destroy one cage, the second one will be able to sneak away.